1 in every 2 Christians is involved in people-helping. However, of those people-helpers, over 65% feel ill-equipped to support others effectively.

We believe the Church of Jesus Christ is God’s answer to the lost, lonely, vulnerable and hurting and it is uniquely placed to meet the needs of its congregations and communities. It is our heart to see the broken hearted made whole, the captives set free, and those living in darkness released to live in hope.

We look to address the root causes of issues individuals face, rather than merely medicating the symptoms or addressing the external behaviour. Whilst Mercy Isle of Man runs Keys to Freedom courses, we also want to equip leaders and empower churches to break the cycle of destruction, find freedom and live in that freedom though the services we provide.

Keys to Freedom Group Facilitator Training

If you would like to facilitate a group through Keys to Freedom within your church or community, you will need to attend our training to become a group facilitator.

The full day training includes sessions on:
– An overview of Keys to Freedom
– Exploring the role of a facilitator
– An overview of potential obstacles and outcomes
– Practical steps to building upon pastoral care within the Church

M Power Training course

Our one-day MPower Training is designed to resource Christian people-helpers. This course will educate you on common life controlling issues, equip you with tools for effective people-helping and empower you with principles to stay healthy and whole whilst supporting others.

Remote Pastoral Support for courses

In addition to the courses, we provide remote support offering signposting, prayer, encouragement and additional resources for either an individual journeying the Keys to Freedom course, a group facilitator or a church running the course.

Mercy’s pastoral support services exists to support both the individuals seeking help and those helping them, people helpers, church leaders, friends and family.

We also work alongside our Mercy UK Support Services Team to facilitate further guidance and support for those wishing to participate in the Mercy UK residential discipleship programme.

We know that walking in freedom can require navigating some rough terrain and this support service exists to provide wisdom, direction and support for such times. This is available to any individual, regardless of age or gender, wanting to access a Christian approach to their situation.

You can contact our remote support team today on supportservices@mercyiom.im